Monday, August 1, 2011

Thursday 28/7

Today I taught a lacrosse, dance aerobics, and gridiron. The gridiron lesson stood out the most on this day as being most successful. This is because this is my most unruly class and for the majority of the lesson there was participation by everyone in the class. The students enjoyed running different routes as their peers, myself, and host teacher took turns being the Quarterbacks. I was prepared to stop doing this activity and break to begin playing Ultimate Football, but since, as I said, the majority of the students and myself were enjoying this activity I choose to stay in this activity until the end of class. I thought this was the best idea for the day because usually when I have to stop this class to begin a different activity students loose interest or become a distraction to the rest of the class. Knowing this I decided that by the time I stopped the current activity, switched their focus on Ultimate Football, explained this game, and got them going there would be minimal time for the actual game. I was still pleased with this class even though we didn't get through my whole lesson, because we ended the class and the day on a good note.

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