Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday 12/08

Today my host teacher was away on a Japanese Excursion so I was with a supply teacher for my morning lesson with the year 8s. I played multiple game with them as we discussed the necessities involved in teaching a physical education class. One of those guidlines was having the students sitting down quietly with their backs to the sun before beginning instruction. One of the games we played was Chuck the Chicken which the students thoroughly enjoyed and had them running all over the oval energetically participating in the game. I also had them try Toe Jousting and a game called British Dodge ball which they played for the remainder of the class as they also enjoyed this game and desired to play it through the end of class. I was very pleased with this class and only had one minor behavior problem from a student to deal with. The class was well mannered and showed great participation in the activities I had planned for them.

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