Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday 02/08

Today was a full day starting with Yr. 12's in theory, Yr. 11's on the oval with lacrosse, Yr. 8's with theory, and finally Yr. 9's had the period with the school youth nurse for sex ed. I was most pleased today with my Yr. 8's in the classroom working on their theory component. For the majority of the lesson they were quiet and I only had to move a couple of students to different desks to stop them from furthering disrupting the class. I have found that this is a good way to stop students from misbehaving. I was used to assigned seating in classrooms in high school, but I have continued with my host teachers method of letting the students sit where they please and this can lead to some disruptive behavior but for the most part student work fine. Today's lesson was on fair play and I had the students take a minimal amount of notes and gave them time to work on skits showing both fair and unfair play situations, which they seemed to enjoy. They also were introduced to their assignment for the term in which they have to, in a group or by themselves, create a game to eventually teach to the class. This is an activity in which I'm looking forward to working with them on and seeing where their creativity leads.

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