Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday 15/08

This morning my year 9 health class worked on a reading and handout with fill in the blanks, but the class was cut short by a school assembly relating to their ECP interviews. For the year 8s later in the day they continued to work on their group assignment, creating/teaching a game. The class worked well on average, with some of the groups finishing their game, but the problem with this was then those students became bored and began to be disruptive. This was frustrating because these were the groups who worked hard and got their work done and now they were becoming distractions for those students who were working more slowly and less on task as a whole throughout the lesson. So now I was disciplining the "good students" who did as they were told.  I felt as those I should have planned to have more prepared for the students who did finish early as this would have kept them busy. The majority of the students worked much slower and I had to continuously stop side conversations and get students to fill in their assignments by literally taking out their worksheets for them and putting their pen in their hands. This was discouraging for me, as I would have thought year 8 students would have been able to have more discipline.

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