Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weds 27/7

           I had the Year 12 doing Dance Aerobics today. This is an interesting class, like most year 12s there are the students who are still involved with their academics and care about there grades, but then there is a heap of students who don't care how they do as long as they pass, and then there is the few who really could care less about their grades. This is very discouraging as a teacher because how is one supposed to motivate students who don't care about their grade and would rather take their low marks and sit out of class. Some of the students stay engaged throughout the majority of the class and I try to use them as an example to the other students as to what they should be doing. It is also difficult because I remember being in their shoes with a similar case of "senioritis" and the thinking that I was ready to be done with school after I had been accepted into college, but many of the students don't have plans to go to University. Instead I would say the majority of the students I talked with planned on beginning apprenticeships or taking the year off to work or travel. So I will continue to try and motivate the students to work in class, and reward those students who do show commitment building and improving their dance routines.
        After lunch today was sport, where my teacher coaches the Year 9 boys in the Student Center. This was enjoyable for me, to offer my basketball knowledge to the students. I still am discouraged with the facilities here, their gym is a quarter of the size of my high school gym, and with 4 teams in there for an hour its hard to get much accomplished. But, the teachers did a good job managing the students by having strict guidelines for them to follow in an effort to provide each student with the most opportunities to practice their basketball skills.

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