Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thursday 04/08

Today I had lacrosse with Yr. 11's in the morning followed by Yr. 12's doing dance aerobics and since today was the welcome ceremony for the program we left early from school to make it by 4pm at the Uni. I finally allowed the Yr. 11's to play in a 5 v 5 game which they enjoyed but there was an apparent need to work on their fundamentals as the lack of stick skills was evident. I also plan to work with them on strategies and tactics so they have better methods to move the ball to teammates. Overall this lesson was a success though and I enjoyed myself and I believe the students did as well. The Yr. 12's were more engaged today as they only had 30 min to practice their routines before being recorded for their draft grade.  From viewing these recordings it was evident that the students did not put in enough time into preparing there routines and that there is considerable room for improvement.

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