Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friday 05/08

Carnival day - Today we were at the University of the Sunshine Coast for the regional division of the Sports Carnival (Track and Field) events for the surrounding schools. Myself and a few other prac students from the my school and others were put to work keeping time for the many races that took place today. It was an just an alright day due to heavy showers that rolled through the Uni that caused some of the events, including the high jump to be canceled. It was nice to chat with other teachers from surrounding schools as they asked about NY and our education system and schools, and we asked about their schools and we discussed the benefits and consequences of each of the different systems. The ending point was that kids will be kids, there will be good students and not so good students everywhere no matter in America or Australia. This is something I have come to firmly agree with dealing with both types of students in both countries, it is unfair to base ones judgement on a student because of their nationality, race, religion, etc., kids will always be kids.

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