Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday 29/7

Today I had Year 8's for a Gridiron lesson. This lesson went well and was more successful than the previous days' Year 8's in that we got to Ultimate Football. I was initially thinking of introducing this group to Flag Football, but my host teacher suggested that one more day with Ultimate would be beneficial for the students as they continue to learn the necessary throwing and catching skills of football. One thing I noticed during this lesson was that when either my host teacher or myself joined one of the teams during the Ultimate game, the students instantly became more involved. Understanding this I began to participate in the game, officiate the game, manage the class, and help struggling students. This was a little much at times, but I think with more practice I will be more successful at carrying out all these important jobs, which is something my host teacher does quite well. He later mentioned after class that he regularly sees an increase in students effort when he participates in the games, so this is something I wish to work on as I continue to develop as a teacher.

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