Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday 26/7

       Today was a full day starting with theory in Year 12, then my mixed Rec class with Lacrosse, followed by Year 8's  with theory, and lastly Year 9's with Gridiron.
           In theory with my Year 8's I presented a lesson on different types of games which included, indirect and direct interceptive activities, aesthetic activities, and performance activities. My powerpoint presentation had a wealth of information however I needed to display this information in a more inviting way. My slides were too full of information for the students to take down in their books (notes) and they continually complained at the longevity of the notes. In the future I will have to incorporate more activities for the students to break up the note taking time. It would also be beneficial to break up the information into more slides with more bullet points than the longer paragraphs I used. Looking back on this lesson I think I could have prepared it better to suit the students capabilities, and I will change it for future reference. This was a good learning experience though as I found out how a class can grow restless and become off task when the lesson is dry.
       My last lesson of the day with the Year 9's went well for the most part, but I did have to discipline a couple of students. This was my first time raising my voice at a student in a disciplinary situation, but I knew something had to be said. I saw one of the students wind up and throw a football at a student in the back of a line so I scolded that student and told him he must get out of the current activity and sit out. Later in the lesson during the game, which this students was excited to play before class started, he approached me asking if he could be allowed back into class. I told him he had to sit out a while longer but I ended up letting him play for the last five minutes. After class I approached the student again and asked if he understood why I kicked him out of class and he understood that it was because he was "mucking around" during the activity. I felt good after talking with this student that he knew why he was removed and not allowed to play in the majority of the game, and I believe that this was a good learning experience for myself and him. I also feel now that I have more confidence dealing with disciplinary issues in class, which is something I previously hadn't had to do.

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