Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday 25/7

       Today we didn't have any classes as it was the Athletics Carnival at the University. This is a track and field day that would be most similar to a Field Days back home. Each sub school competed against each other in  each event and all of the students were required to be there but not all had to compete. There were sign ups for each event during the previous week, and the students were bused over from school. The day was similar to a school day in that the older students events were in the morning and then they left when the younger students arrived later in the early afternoon. I was an extra for the day so I went were I was needed to fill in, so in the morning I filled in on the clocks for the races, and in the afternoon I helped with the shot put and again with the placing in the races before helping clean up. This was an enjoyable day as we were outside all day and it was a welcome break for the students from their typical school day. I gathered from this event that this was the only event that the whole school was involved in, in an athletics way. Whereas back home the majority of the school would come out and support their sports teams, especially on a day like homecoming at a football game. There was a very large display of sub school spirit however, which was nice to see, as I hadn't seen this before from the students, during a typical school day.

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