Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3

Today I only had one class to teach and my teacher and I split the teaching duties. The class was a year 12 Dance Aerobics class and today's focus for the students was to find a partner(s), pick out their music, and to being piecing together their routine. Most of the students sat listening to their ipods for the entire period not engaging in the activities that were presented. A group of students did complete the chart that was given to them at the beginning of class, but once that was done didn't do anything else. However, there was one group who did follow instructions completely, they worked together to pick out a song, then they began practicing different movements to see which skills could accomplish and what they needed to work on. It was good to see that some of the students were interested in the activity and this made me happy, but I was dissapointed with the majority of the group who didnt participate effectively and would make lame excuses why they couldnt. I am taking this class tomorrow and will continue to work on their dance routines, but I will definitely need to make some changes to keep more of the students on task and working on their routines. We also had sport today for a block in which the students who made the team from last week tryouts were meant to be in the Student Center (Gym) to begin practicing, but they were busy placing all of the other students who didnt make a team in Enrichment classes in the Student Center, so instead we all watched film of previous school team who did well in years past. I was surprised to learn how well my school stands compared to other schools as teams have went far into playoffs even reaching the final national game before losing and recieving 2nd in all of Australia.

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