Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lab 5 - Environment

I think the games that we have done so far have been appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s. This is because we have molded the games to better suit the kids; making it more enjoyable for them all the while we can gain information on their motor development. Also I think the games from My Station PE and from the text were for the most part very good before we changed them.
When choosing games or activities to asses motor skills it is crucial to understand the ages and development of the students you will be working with. When designing a game you should take into account their ages because you don’t want something to advanced where they won’t understand it, or something to simple where older students get bored easily. Finally, one must have an idea of the motor development of the students being assessed so to not make the activity to difficult where they can’t even do it, but something that forces the students to put in some effort to try and complete the task.

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