Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lab 3 - Action/Movie Hero

We worked with two six year olds in kindergarten, Anthony, a male, and Rowan, a female. They were both similar in their ability level, probably in the initial stage and elementary stage at best for the skills demonstrated. They were equally skilled in the leap, but Rowan was able to do more of the horizontal jump tasks, while Anthony was more skilled in the slide.

I have noticed that in order to get the students attention and connect with them I have to be very animated and loud, so that is what I tried to do today. I wouldn’t stand up and look down to them when talking I would get down to their level and be face to face, which I think helps a lot. I also try to be very excited about the activity at hand and try to get all the students involved. I think these actions help to connect with the students because it shows them that I care and I want to be there working with them. 

I saw that when we as instructors used loud voices to get the students attention they seemed to listen better. Also, not standing straight up and instead getting down to their level by taking knee also worked well. If we weren’t assertive the students rarely listened, and when we would do things like, clap twice if you can hear me, or criss-cross applesauce, it really helped get their attention. It can be difficult to keep their attention at times, but when we are very animated they pay attention much better.

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