Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lab 2 - Animal Theme

As a class we observed a female, Casey who was in Kindergarten and is five, and also a male, Shamus who is in first grade and is six years old. Like the rest of the class they were proficient with some of the aspects of each skill but lacked others. The hop was done well by both Casey and Shamus as they at one point or another to accomplish all aspects of it while they weren’t as skilled at  galloping or running.

I saw that when we as instructors used loud voices to get the students attention they seemed to listen better. Also, not standing straight up and instead getting to their level by taking knee also worked well. If we weren’t assertive the students rarely listened, and when we would do things like, clap twice if you can hear me, or criss cross applesauce, it really helped get their attention. In order to keep their attention we tried to remain very animated and used props such as aprons and spoons in our game Stinky Letter Stew.

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